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Women Veterans of New Mexic0


Women Veterans of New Mexico is a Federal 501(c)3 Non-profit organization

Women Veterans of New Mexico is run by volunteers.   

Welcome to Women Veterans of New Mexico!

P O Box 36648
Albuquerque, NM 87176

 Contact Phone: (505) 358-0839



October 23, 2017

Happy Fall Sister Veterans,

As the natural world provides us with a spectacular change of color outside, within our organization we are changing too. Let’s get right to it:

  • A couple of days ago we held our Annual Meeting and 2018 Board election. With 60 attendees it was a great good time getting to know each other, sharing our stories and a delicious meal.
  • The annual report was provided to the members. In summary we have continued our mission
    • of helping women veterans in need (over 30 this year) and
    • providing opportunities for our members to come together for education and camaraderie (7 events around the state).
    • We have raised approximately $10,000 in support of our mission and identified additional supporters and donors for next year.
    • We have had a 400% increase in membership attendance at our Membership Meetings since January. And we have seen a similar increase in our website traffic.
    • The Daughters of the American Revolution held a solemn Commemoration Ceremony honoring our Members who served during the Vietnam War Period.
    • Carleen Aragon, VSO at Military Order of the Purple Heart and guest speaker provided insight and support on getting claims through the VA system. She offered assistance to any who would contact her.
    • The new 2018 board election was held with a quorum of the Membership. With 42 votes cast followed by an immediate meeting of the Board, let me introduce the 2018 WVNM Board:
      • President – Christin Barden
      • 1st Vice President – Chrissy Kupferschmidt
      • 2nd Vice President – BJ Woolsey
      • Secretary – Gloria Gutierrez
      • Treasurer – Donna LaBatt
      • Member at Large – Las Cruces – Chris Sautter
      • Member at Large – Media – Christine Salazar

They will assume their duties on January 1, 2018, after a transition period. Congratulations!

Looking to the Future:

We are helping with a series of Veteran Stand Downs providing homeless women veterans items to get them through the winter: female sized hats, gloves, coats, as well as, sports bras, panties, socks and hygiene products, etc. You are welcome to volunteer at our table. See the calendar.

In December, we will be holding a Holiday Party. The date is December 16th, however, the party is ‘still under construction’ and our Coordinator Gloria Gutierrez is looking for volunteers. Can you help?

Let me sign off by asking you to join me in celebrating OUR OWN service to the nation on this Veterans Day. I’ll be wearing my old “Pallas Athena” brass (Womens Army Corp insignia) on my WVNM shirt all day long. What will you do?

Sarah Galpin, WVNM President

Equine Therapy Connections and Southwest Horsepower Offering Free Activities

EAP is a powerful, non-traditional experiential therapy which guides the clients to learn about themselves and others through the use of horses. Clients participate in hands-on therapeutic activities designed and facilitated by a Licensed Mental Health Clinician and an Equine Specialist to address their treatment goals. The therapies are tailored to fit each client’s needs and focus on the relationship between the client and the horse(s). This interaction often tends to mirror personal life issues, behaviors and attitudes. This effective and unique therapeutic method serves to bypass the intellect and facilitates a healing internal emotional connection. All work is provided by an EAGALA Certified team.
FREE monthly workshops with horses offered from 9am-2:30pm
Lunch, snacks and drinks provided. Enjoy activities in nature with horses. For more info, see the flyer or
North Valley: call Debi 505-414-8467                       South Valley: call Win 505-228-1468

Women's Mentoring Network

The New Mexico Group of Women's Mentorship Network (WMN) is an all-volunteer, decentralized, values-based organization dedicated to the mentorship of Military Women. The network is member-run and provides dynamic mentorship through periodic, structured mentorship circles, meetings, and events. 
To join and find events, sign up for and search for WMN or
find them on Facebook:

Horses For Heroes - New Mexico, Inc.

Our program is tailored to each individual participant and is designed to help men and women veterans and active military to develop new skills, re- sharpen others, and reshape attitudes needed to transition into civilian life. Our programs assist veterans to refit, regroup and recalibrate the soul of warriors through the way of the horse. The program’s focus is on resiliency and Post Traumatic Healing. These two elements work in natural alignment as we help to educate, rehabilitate, and most importantly empower veterans by supporting them in their journey for healing.
Cowboy Up! Blog
Our Facebook Page
Download our Brochure

Women Veterans of New Mexico has committed to staff the Veterans Memorial Park with 2 of our members on the 3rd Sunday of every month for the 9-12 noon shift for one year.  This will allow us to use the beautiful memorial FREE of charge for our events. We need about 24 members to make this happen. Please sign up on this.  POC Mae  Lockett her email is: 

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